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William J. Spriggs, Principal


  • Settled contract dispute involving interpretation of contract clause relating to overhead reimbursement
  • Settled contract dispute involving various constructive changes for defective specifications and failure to cooperate
  • Settled termination for default case converting the T for D to T for C and resulting in a positive cash recovery
  • Settled T for C settlement proposal for 96 cents on the dollar
  • Settled an allocability of overhead dispute with DCAA
  • Settled a constructive change claim involving the government's superior knowledge (equal ignorance)
  • Settled a breach of contract claim on a contract for commercial items under FAR Part 12
  • Assisted clients with several DCAA audits thereby avoiding disputes
  • Assisted clients with numerous issues involving intellectual property rights
  • Assisted clients with novations of contracts and how to avoid the necessity for novation
  • Assisted a client with the assertion of the government contractor defense resulting in dismissal of personal injury suit
  • Assisted a client with a due diligence analysis in the acquisition of a company with government contracts and subcontracts
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"I'm so glad we found you"

"I believe we are in the right- and we have you to help prove it. So all will be well."

"I agree with your approach. Thanks for spelling it out so clearly."

"I appreciate you taking the time to share your considerable expertise relative to government contracts with us."

"I benefitted from your presentations and feel that I am better able to avoid the pitfalls you addressed."

"I have heard nothing but great things from the personnel who attended your seminar."

"Three personnel went to the seminar yesterday...and loved it."

"I wish to tell you how much I value being at the seminar. I walked away with much more knowledge then I had anticipated."

"Please convey my gratitude to Mr. Spriggs for this priceless information. It was worth every minute."

"Thank you for a terrific seminar. I really enjoyed Bill's presentation and learned a lot."

"Thank you for hosting the seminar. It was very informative. It was very organized and you did a great job."

"I'll say it again...We are soooo glad we found you!!!!!!"

"I'm in awe of your ability to understand these nuances and then explain them in a way that makes sense!"


Dear Bill, David and David:

I wanted to express my thanks and great appreciation for your outstanding representation of Recon/Optical, Inc. in the various claims brought against the U.S. Army. When I took over these matters from Ron Polasek in September 2008, I was not very familiar with the peculiar world of government contracts and litigation before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals. You have been very patient with me explaining the process in great detail and allowing me to become comfortable making decisions along the way.

I want to commend each of you for your hard work in anticipation of the trial. You developed a sound trial preparation strategy and then executed it. It's hard to know for sure what caused the change of heart in the Government that prompted substantive settlement discussions in November. I tend to think the Government realized that its strategy of trying to wear out ROI was not working and we were ready for trial.

I hope that the settlement will allow you to have more and better quality time with your families this holiday season. I know it will for me. Thank you again for all you have done for ROI and Bourns.


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