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William J. Spriggs, Principal


Since 1968, we have been helping clients with routine government contract and subcontract administration with emphasis on dispute avoidance, early identification, negotiation, settlement, mediation and even litigation. Early on we concentrated on cost reimbursement contract cost allowability disputes with DCAA. After several successful dispute resolutions of cost disallowance issues, we began concentrating on disputes under fixed price contracts. We successfully resolved a variety of such disputes involving recovery of various types of overhead costs, constructive changes for defective drawings and specifications and interference by inspectors with attendant delay and disruption. We also handled major problems involving government misuse of proprietary data and many disputes involving recovery of termination for convenience settlement costs and profit. Our experience then broadened to include breach of various implied obligations of the government under its contracts and subcontracts such as the duty to cooperate, not interfere with and to enable the contractor to perform.

Along the way, we have continued to perform routine contract administration services requiring increasing understanding of FAR and all the various federal, state and local procurement regulations and judicial interpretations. Our clients make us a part of the management team providing expert advice on interpretation of regulations and compliance with contract requirements. We have written, lectured and taught courses on all aspects of contract administration. We have worked closely with in house contract managers and with teams of consultants and client executives. We have consistently emphasized close, careful monitoring of contract performance, early identification of possible problems, analysis and creative construction of solutions, effective and thorough presentation of those solutions and negotiation short of litigation. Our stock in trade is the avoidance of litigation through early communication with the contracting officer.


What distinguishes us?

  • We've been to your war.
  • No one has spent more time in the trenches.
  • We really present well.
  • Our written and oral presentation skills are superlative.
  • We always are on time.
  • We work well with others and have an enviable network.
  • Our price is right.
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Our Costs
  • Review solicitation and provide report. $250 fixed price.
  • Identify, prepare, present, negotiate and settle or litigate request for equitable adjustment, changes or breach claim or termination proposal or prosecute or defend any termination claim. $250 per hour attorney time, $85 per hour paralegal time with estimates.
  • Handle bid protest. $5,000 fixed price. Defend protest. $2,500 fixed price.
  • Review and prepare subcontract. $2,500 fixed price.
  • Provide advice on contract and regulation compliance. $250 per hour attorney time, $85 per hour paralegal time with estimates.
  • Prepare response to cure notice. $2,500 fixed price.
  • All other services either fixed price or hourly depending on the statement of work.
  • Contract Manager, $85 per hour

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