Spriggs Consulting Services

Optimizing Your Government Contract Business

William J. Spriggs, Principal


  • Review Solicitation (RFP) for sufficiency, clarity and compliance with regulations
  • Prepare and submit a winning proposal
  • Assure the proposal complies with the solicitation and with regulatory requirements
  • Assist with discussions and negotiations if conducted
  • Defend any post award protest from the losing bidder
  • Arrange debriefing and analyze possible protest if client is the loser
  • Handle protests
  • Handle day to day administration to assure compliance with all contract requirements
  • Prepare and submit all reports required by the contract
  • Protect data rights
  • Assure compliance with all quality assurance requirements
  • Assist with contract compliant performance scheduling
  • Assure prompt payment
  • Investigate, identify, analyze and assist in handling performance problems
  • Prepare requests for equitable adjustment where appropriate
  • Prepare response to any cure notice
  • Handle all communications with the government contracting officer
  • Advise on all contract clauses and FAR/DFARS regulatory requirements
  • Negotiate modifications to the contract
  • Handle government audits
  • Assist with all government cost accounting system issues
  • Avoid and resolve all disputes
  • Conduct in house training
  • Handle contract closeout

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